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Terracom have a problem. Experimental war-droids built using ancient alien bio-technology have gotten out of hand, now Terracom's secret underground labs have been overrun by hostile machines. There is a solution: Developed by a rival Terracom military-products department, the Terramek is a state-of-the-art turreted bipedal war machine with interchangable weapon systems.

Controls = Move: Arrow keys; Fire: Mouse button; Select weapon: Z, C; Nuke: Space; Shield: K

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5,736 Plays   4.3 (9 Votes)

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Comments about Terramek:

Take that Terramek !!!-White-Wolf-

White Wolf and i were with wrong with the health you can't have your actual health boosted but under the red line on the top left hand corner(life bar) under it, it has +0 but in mission one when you go through the last door go to the far left hand side and there is a health thing that will put you on +1 and when your life bar has no more red you won't die you will start your bar again and in mission 2 there's another life bar +1 thing you need to go to the middle go right destroy a few boxs and it will be there. ( Also you might want to destroy the boxs because it gets you points and the shields, hukes, health and coins in thereNick.P

i agree and disagree with White Wolf i love the game how you go through the doors and there a new bunch of enemies to kill but i don't like the idea of having no health pick ups because it's stupid and i don't now how Latingouki got such a high score maybe he did what White Wolf told us to do but over all a pretty good game so ill give it a $ out of 5 i would recommend itNick.P

I don't understand my character....Am I a chicken?Ernie

This is a really good and nice looking shooting game. I won my 46th gold medal! I only needed to go to level 6 to get over 2 million points. I rate it 5 out of 5.Destroyer

Honour Medal #67 for me, Im happy :) when I rated this earlier today I didnt see that it was a medal game, W2GO ArcadeBoss, good call.I wouldnt have even came back to Terramek as really it's not one i'd usually spend time on, but once you get into Terramek it is very well made, colourful and is a decent size.The Gold medal score is easily achieved tho, just scored 3.5 million...So it can be done,OK! Good luck, have fun on this, surprisingly i did. 4*'s-White-Wolf-

Ok game, but i never have liked these type's, so i wont be spending any time on it but i thought i would share a small glitch i found...Say you have 10k cash, go to the shop buy whatever upgrade you can afford, exit back to map, then hit the quit button top right, take's you to main screen, push play, go to shop, you still have your upgrade you bought PLUS the cash you spent!! So ideally get as much cash without spending then repeat the process to deck out your weapon's! so so simple.I played through the first three stage's quickly, i dont like that you dont get health pickup's? but you can spend 50k to buy infinite health, but then how would you submit?! anyway's, use my tip to better yourself faster:)Good luck.-White-Wolf-

Similar to Red Storm game!! although Terramek donīt like so much.LalinGouki

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