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 Awesome Face Game 
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Awesome Face Game

Use your mouse to move the Awesome Face. Eat the smaller Awesome Faces and avoid being eaten by the Ghost Smileys.

Play Awesome Face Game Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
28,866 Plays   4.0 (23 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Awesome Face Game:

I didnt touch the ghost stop killing meBeavis

This is waaay too addictive for what it is! lol Love the name :)TashaDestroya

that teleporting idea might save me then hehe. simple yet challengingPallazo

good game i like the noiseallysun

I guess its just a pet peeve of mine but i hate it when the title of the game is awesome, good, great or amazing. .. . Shouldnt WE be the judge of that? lol but the game was ok. .SmokeyQuartz

TIP: Play Game on Smallest Screen. This will allow you to float around the border and remove the mouse cursor from the game screen and re-enter the game screen in another area, thus ''Teleporting'' your Awesome Face and bypassing Ghosts. Again, Smallest Screen makes this easier, but can be done on any sized Game Window. I LOVE these types of games!!! 5/5Sleep_Hurts

This is a great game. I keep wanting to play it over and over again. I hate to say that Gold should be 50,000 just because I reached that high but so far it seems like the best way to go. 75,000 would be too high for gold. The ghosts get big enough at 50,000.Destroyer

Great new game ArcadeBoss.Gold medal maybe set a little low tho? Just got 96k, Gold set at 10k. I recon 25k bronze, 50 Silver, 75k Gold. Fun addictive game 4*'s-White-Wolf-

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