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 Super Pixelknight 
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Super Pixelknight

The Saga continues! Fight your way through hordes of monsters and battle against evil bosses in this action-packed, side scrolling, arcade platform game.

Controls = Move: Arrow keys; Fire weapon: X; Cast spell: Space

Play Super Pixelknight Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
12,966 Plays   3.7 (14 Votes)

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Last viewed by goldenboy1980.

Comments about Super Pixelknight:

pretty kool but also pretty hard witch 4 myself isn't a problem because I like a good challenge. this is my first time acctually playing any of the pixel knight games will definately have 2 check out the others!!! 4 out 0f 5 for me. : ) ARCADEBOSS RULES!!!!!! ; )D!RTYD@N76

i am awful at these pixelknight games...and to save, you hit tells you while you playbedem15

wow, i dont care what anyone says this one is hard! definately harder than pixel knight II !!SmokeyQuartz

Thank God for the shuriken!Jen4TheWin

I figured it out, pretty simple and plain to see if you just LOOK! lol =)Inevitable2011

Id love to know where you got the extra 5,000 points from Lalin?, since from what I see it's only possible to get 339,550 or maybe a little more(I think one guy feel off a cliff and I didnt get the points. 5,000 points is alot, the most anything is worth is diamonds and necklaces which are worth 500 a piece, and the big bad guys which are 950.Inevitable2011

I love Super Pixelknight!!! =) There is a way to save and continue, but you have to make sure you dont save at a spot where you only have 1 line of health so you dont get stuck. Saves are at checkpoints and after completing a level. I won't divulge exactly how to do it, i'll let you figure it out for yourselves like I did. After starting from a save point, start of a level or checkpoint, your 'time played' on AB starts after you reload the game and start at a save point. Be sure to keep the chinese star 'shuriken' it's by far the best weapon, and has the shield for the magic.Inevitable2011

Pixelknight II
Pixelknight II

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