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 The Walking Dog 
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The Walking Dog

When it comes to walking the dog, being dead is no excuse. Inspired by the popular series, The Walking Dead. Use the arrow keys and don't let the dog get too far away! Use your keyboard to play this game.

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12,600 Plays   2.9 (16 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by skeesh.

Comments about The Walking Dog:

that was pretty easy,not that Im complaining as easy is good sometimes.reganz

hey kids (and adults for that matter) this is just a game and teaches you how exactly NOT to walk a need to be the one controlling the pace, not the should never be having to drag the dog nor should you ever be dragged by him/her!ironmanchris

Man The Walking Dog is BORINGGGGG! I let the dog rip my arm off on purpose after 4,000+, on a scale of 1-10 for skill, The Walking Dog takes 2 on a skill level. Mundane and boring. 2 starsEnhancedPrecision

Once you master The Walking Dog you could walk the dog all day! Just scored over 8k, Double Gold score. So a very easy Honor here. 3*'s from me-White-Wolf-

Wait I made a mistake. Bronze should be 2,000, Silver should be 3,000 and Gold stays at 4,000. That would be better I think.Destroyer

Great and challenging medal game. After playing the game a few times and getting a good feel for it, I think maybe the Bronze medal should be set at 2,000. To me it seems like it's too easy to reach bronze.Destroyer

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