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 Doodle Balls 
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Doodle Balls

Shoot the red balls with the cannon and catch them for points in this peggle style physics game! But don't catch the black cannonball, or you will lose points!

Controls = Mouse to aim, shoot and move bucket.

Play Doodle Balls Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
7,728 Plays   3.4 (9 Votes)

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Comments about Doodle Balls:

Very different type of ball game. Not a very hard concept but it can get hard when you are either a down to your last couple pink balls and can't hit them or b when you first start out and you have a lot of balls flying everywhere and you're trying to catch them but it's definitely fun.GinnyBoyd

i liked Doodle Balls,it may take a few tries to get a decent score,too bad there wasnt an add some time ball to hit,I was stuck trying to get 1 ball.I will try it again down the road...reganz

Speed is a huge factor. This game is a lot of fun.got2win

I found that I am really good at catching more of the cannon balls than the little red balls you are suppose to catch. LOL...With more patience though I may actually find Doodle Balls can be challenging.cberry56

when i first was trying to learn how to play 'Doodle Balls' it was irritating, but once you get the hang of it and you get quick enough, you can score really high. Its pretty simple, yet very addicting and a lot of fun! Check it out! I really wish Doodle Balls wasnt timed though. . . .I just wish you had to pass levels etc just not with a time limit. but its still really funSmokeyQuartz

Doodle Physics
Doodle Physics

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