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 Monsters Rampage 
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Monsters Rampage

In Monsters Rampage you have to kill these bouncing monsters. They split into smaller monsters that you have to shoot again. Upgrade your weapon and complete all 25 challenging levels. You will start with a normal hand gun, but if you shoot accurately enough you will be able to get the bigger guns. Do not let them hit you otherwise you need to do the level over again. A fun shooting game, have fun! Use the arrow keys to move and press space to shoot.

Controls = Arrow keys to move and Space to shoot.

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6,942 Plays   3.1 (9 Votes)

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Last viewed by 123hotdog.

Comments about Monsters Rampage:

ok at first i didnt like Monsters Rampage very much at all but decided 2 give it a chance. took a minute 4 me to warm up 2 it but now that i did i can't get enough!!! it has deffinetly gromn on me!!! lol ARCADEBOSSS RULES!!!D!RTYD@N76

still frustrating but if you can the strategy to work it's not hard to get a high score.rogbow

I'm not even going to waste my tme on this glutch filled game, I see WhiteWolf has yet again lol.5 StaR GeneraL

Still an agrevating game with lots of glitches. However I gave it a second shot and there is a simple strategi to achieve a higher score but,with all the glitches it makes it difficult to use the strategi. I wish they could fix the glitches the game has potential to be better.rogbow

I would absolutely love Monsters Rampage if it wasn't so glitchy. Aside from what what rogbow mentioned when I upgraded my gun it never shot and I had to submit score. ---- Alot like Pang with a different (better in my opinion) scoring system. 1/5 The game was not ready for release with all of those glitches :(Sleep_Hurts

This game is a waste of time unless you want to be agrevated to no end. When you shoot the monsters half the time the bullets go right through them without even hitting them and they also fall right through the steel floors which you can not shoot through and you die without even getting a chance to shoot them most of the time. The controls are simple enough but that is about the only good thing I could find on Monsters Rampage. I give it a 2 only because of the simple controls.rogbow

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