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 Bip The Caveboy 
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Bip The Caveboy

A retro mario-style platform game following Bip a young caveboy set in a prehistoric time. Collect coins, kill enemies, find hidden passages and explore the levels. Use your keyboard to play this game.

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14,304 Plays   3.7 (11 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Bip The Caveboy:

Same as Mario.tdickensheets

Hmm, scratch my last comment, first time I completed the game it auto submitted, just completed the game for the second time but this time failed to send my score. More Mochi errors. Regardless, it's impossible to get the 100k bonus on level 4 as the remaining coins are a trap in the pit, so submitting a score on game completion is touch and go, for me 50 / 50, so next time I'll die at the end, not worth the risk.-White-Wolf-

That was about the most boring game I've ever played. I turned it off after 2 minutes. NEXT!trevor1701d

Just beat the game, all four levels. Game will submit after you complete the game as well. I think there maybe some VERY highscores placed on Bip The Caveboy ... HINT ( Because I'm in a good mood ) 100 coins = one free life, and on LV2 there is 101 coins = TWO free lives !!-White-Wolf-

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