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 Luigi′s Revenge 
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Luigi's Revenge

See full instructions inside Luigi′s Revenge arcade game.

Play Luigi′s Revenge Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
235,886 Plays   3.8 (45 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 2,350
All-Time Highscore: 15,450

Recent play by ulisses.


Comments about Luigi′s Revenge:

Luigi′s Revenge isn't fair :(voituapokemon

the 1st boss is very hard!googlehead03

yesssssssssssssssssss! awesome!pikachu72

I am pretty horrible at the game i only got to the fish and died and his head popped of with blood everywherechampion

You Know, I would like Luigi′s Revenge more if u got more than 1 life. But, of course you only get one, so you have to start over the ENTIRE game if you screw up. Ya. So instead play Some other mario game were you get more retrys!mariofan1012

how do u kill the fish?Games16

there was a glitch it was walking the left way when i didnt make it do thatgtfive

At least I beat half of Luigi′s Revenge,I should at least take my time to beat the rest of itRey lopez

the fish is so easydragonz95

how the hell do u kill the fish!? loldarkangel20

How exactly do you kill the big fish at the beginning?Ernie

It was a nice game indeedChaosdarkwing

yay i came first in the monthly hi-scores! i rule at Luigi′s Revengekay

luigi this how you act uppppppppppppppppppp in a game!?$ well i say teens don't like luigi! he not good! heyARIOBOSS$$ keep trying it then you will get good at it like ALL of the rest of the yeti gamefraeks that are at good at it like yeti teens and hey i'm trying to cheer you up dude! but hey keep trying like me but my fake name is...................................... ...................................TAILS THE FOX PEOPLE AND TEENS TRYING TO CHEER YOU UP AS QUEEN AND KING YETI'S DUDESDAS! and he i'm going to be in 3rd grade in 143!"tails the fox

THIS IS HARD!!! would be better if the fish didn't do so much damage. -.-koooldude198

the ugly cheep cheepscream

very awesomebamige1


i am ready to whoop your assacdeit

The music doesn't seem right for a Mario or Luigi adventure. It's also quite strange when you can jump into a block. Anyone else think so?garyoak99

im not good at thisMARIOBOSS$$

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