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 Evasive Manuevers Plus 
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Evasive Manuevers Plus

Dodge the bullets and collect powerups to survive as long as you can!

Controls = Arrow Keys / ASDW to move.

Play Evasive Manuevers Plus Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
4,074 Plays   3.6 (9 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by MusicayfarandulaGSX.

Comments about Evasive Manuevers Plus:

My boy is playing Evasive Manuevers Plus as I type this and he is not having a good time. He keeps dying after 20 seconds.jigadre

Hahahaha..........i'm getting closer and closer to that record! It's only a matter of time before it's mine!jigadre

Geez........what's it gonna take to break that all time record? Even though I am increasing my score, it's getting pretty tough!jigadre

Awww yeah! My monthly score keeps on growing baby!!! Pretty soon, I'll have the all time high on Evasive Manuevers Plus!jigadre

This is a pretty decent game. It's great to waste time....that's for sure. I haven't found any glitches so far. Gonna have to rate it a 4.jigadre

Now what the glitches Evasive Manuevers Plus? That's y it was removed from the lists Man Glitchers your gonna pay if I know who it is.....VK_King_

Decent 'dodge em' game - play survival mode for the biggest score! 4/5neeraffa

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