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Fun bubble shooter Use your mouse to play this game.

Play Bububbles Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
11,700 Plays   1.8 (10 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Bububbles:

Just another bubble shooter game no better than all the rest but a little slower then some.GinnyBoyd

Pretty much the same as every other bubble shooter game. It's very slow moving not a lot of action or challenge and take forever and ever for the game to end. I may have actually ended it on my own because I really didn't see the pace picking up at level four.GinnyBoyd

Tiring and boring..could easily fall alseep playing thiscberry56

ok game I guess,not as good as other bubble shooter games on here but not terrible either. lol (ARCADEBOSS RULES!!!) : )D!RTYD@N76

One of the most boring games I have ever played. Takes forever to get a decent score. If it was at a faster pace then it might not be as bad.cberry56

Sorry, far too slow to be entertaining.msidoh

proper00 must explain to me and to other players as he reached the score of 100,002,599 to Bubbubles in 4 minutes!! This is impossible!LalinGouki, please checks it!!Fullmoon

I didn't play for 18 minutes I played for over 3 hours. I have already PMed Lalin about the time and if you would have done the same you would have gotten the same answer. [quote="LalinGouki"]h i this happens in some strange times, but i see only one score submited, i donīt know if it was your 1st score submited, or at less 1st score submited after 6 to 8 month, i see it as probable, in this case. could be i say this is a code of security, but no worry. thanks[/quote]rogbow

Yeah I agree - the score I got seemed to take forever and 5+ million in 18 minutes seems unrealistic...neeraffa

boring can play this's much too slowPSG 72

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