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 Billiard Training 
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Billiard Training

See full instructions inside Billiard Training arcade game.

Excellent Billiards Game.

Controls: Mouse

Play Billiard Training Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
54,726 Plays   2.9 (18 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 857
All-Time Highscore: 2,597

Recent play by Sue-nami.


Comments about Billiard Training:

Very difficult to aimdoxiemom4ever

Very hard to aim with the crazy pool stick just hanging up there in mid air. It's a really fun game if you like pool just a little unique and takes time getting use to.GinnyBoyd

This is the weirdest game of pool I've ever seen. And it's kinda hard because where you aim is no where even close to where the ball goes. Hmmm hard one to figure out.GinnyBoyd

i do not like Billiard Training, one, super freaking hard, two, graphics suck, three, i really dont know i just really really really hate Billiard Training......treyisbest10181018

Once you get the gist of how the cue works, it's actually quite addicting!Honeydipped

This game is pretty fun but I like pool in real life.RachelMV

Billiard Training sucks the controls are can go to hell for all i careouyenjoe

I hate that a lot of the time when you try to pull back your cue and lunge it forward it dosen't always do anything.Love Buzz

ihts a kool game . . . iht can help u play better real pooldominicanqirlxz

"Just shoot the balls in the holes" !? HMMMPH - Perhaps more useful to explain... HOW !? . . . . I eventually figured, unlike any OTHER pool/billiard game I ever saw, position the cue away from the cue ball, then forcibly and quickly DRAG it in to make contact with that ball.Eagle_Kiwi

its horriblereptilehunter2

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