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 Metal Slug 
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Metal Slug

W A S D to Move and Aim. J to Fire. K to Jump. L to Throw Grenade.

Play Metal Slug Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
97,117 Plays   4.2 (35 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 332,400

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Metal Slug:

Hmmmmmmm, is this the same Mr Oak, whose score I smashed elsewhere?? Bit rusty, posted an all time low of 0, but once I remember how to toggle the keys to buttons I am comfortable with, methinks I'll be back on top.EvilGrinEnygma


awesome game... garyoak99... i did notice it had metal of honor music in the backround...i used to have vanguardtreyisbest10181018

34,000 was my highscore.....monthly highscoretreyisbest10181018

...not bad, Starman. I can't remember the last time someone forced me to take out that tank after the acid swamp. I didn't have any lives lost until after I took out that tank though.garyoak99

...not bad, joker420! You actually forced me to fight all the way to the gorilla boss with that high score! I'm impressed! ;)garyoak99

It's good game for me I miss it.kobkeaw

Metal Slug is awsomewindblade

Medal of Honor:Allied Assault music with excellent gameplay with 4 different weapons makes this a wonderful game for Metal Slug fans! :)garyoak99

It's amazing how rusty one can become after not playing Metal Slug for 2 weeks! ;)garyoak99

An amazing game! I love how when you shoot someone they scream in pain! I LOVE it!mariofan1012

Wow! I never noticed it before but that electric fence actually buzzes with energy! The level of detail in Metal Slug is truly amazing! :)garyoak99

this is so great i dont know how many real coins i spent to play this hahaPallazo

Or you can just refresh the page, its works for me Have fun!wysamx

when you finish a game and you don't want to reload or submit, click back in your browser and forward, it works for me. :) Cool game!mladen

Is there any way to just get back into a new game after you die without having to submit and then reload.....?Animen

Took the monthly high just gotta work on over allAnimen

Take That You Mother FKER freddy31416 I Got The Monthly High Score Agian :DDfuzz1987

I Love This Game Its Awesome!!!!!Dfuzz1987

this sucks why is it japanise why cant it be english but its pretty fun spider man is my favorite. how do you add games to your favorite games list?Fenuss Phoenix

for sure!! :)NEXT

nice gamebossblitz

So close on that one but I like itSonicdelta

Metal Slug action with Medal of Honor background music makes this an EXCELLENT action game! :)garyoak99



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