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 Nangooni Swarm 
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Nangooni Swarm

Top-down shooter, in which you play as a robot dragon, shooting robot insects, while trying to avoid being hit by them and gaining fire breath upgrades. Space to Shoot and Arrows Keys for movement Use your keyboard to play this game.

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4,854 Plays   3.5 (2 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by smokey6661.

Comments about Nangooni Swarm:

It's a pity about the erratic score submission. I reached level 10 with weapon 11, and gained thousands of points but it would not submit. So I tried a test submission on level 1 ... and it successfully submitted an embarrassingly low 360 :-) LOLmsidoh

Your welcome E_K well I just experienced the same thing first time it happened out of 5 plays for me :( I think the best thing to do is click on high scores if mochi leader board shows up then it will submit. If it doesn't show up then it won't submit.rogbow

Thanx rogbow. :) I've now played about 12 times, and ONCE it submitted ok for me!Eagle_Kiwi

Played the game 4 times E_K without any problems. Just play and when you die click submit works just fine for me not sure why your having issues.rogbow

I've played twice. "Submit" seems to just go back to play again. (Do you need to complete all levels, or some such ?)Eagle_Kiwi

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