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 Offroad Island 
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Offroad Island

See full instructions inside Offroad Island arcade game.

Play Offroad Island Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
53,798 Plays   3.7 (15 Votes)

Monthly Lowscore: 0
All-Time Lowscore: 28.76

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Comments about Offroad Island:

How do you complete Offroad Island in 29 seconds? I guess if you work at it enough and truely want to be fist.Love Buzz

Woot-Woot finally beat the thirty second mark, knew it could be done just extremely hard to do.Awesome short racing game, there IS a consistant Correct way to pass the two car's @ the start + the rest is racing to a very strict correct line for three lap's, a replay button would be good! Awesome game 4*'s highly addictive + very skillfull @ the top end.-White-Wolf-

offroad assyah_majeed

heheh easy game :Pgnome

that was rubbishchloe601

Suck it!!!Hot Karl

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