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 Power Driver 
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Power Driver

See full instructions inside Power Driver arcade game.

Play Power Driver Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
148,479 Plays   3.4 (40 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 355.3
All-Time Highscore: 417

Recent play by DERAILED.


Comments about Power Driver:

Not so hard after learning of the cheat code. On the second click move the cursor to the top let corner and right click as fast as you can. So it's click, click-top left-right click. Simple;}almack


at last, it took me over 2 hours. to get a score off 416.8.tatty

410 is my bbest so far. good game but would like 2 see a replay button also. lol 4* (ARCADEBOSS RULES!!!) : )D!RTYD@N76

Here's an idea...When you make a game Add a replay button.Awesome game but game maker needed to put a replay button in.4*'s addictive stuffToXiK

Power driver is very addicting. I'm not a big fan of golf, but I really enjoy Power Driver.got2win

Im pretty good at the game but im suprised i got 407 on one swingchampion


Sadly I've lost interest in Power Driver, Ok so I scored 416.6 on my 4th try for the month, There's no way anyone has a shot at getting the all time now. 417 seems to be the max score everywhere i've seen, Unless you hit it on your first try it will add your last time, Hense my time of 1:16. Couple od month's back I used to play this alot, As back then I knew if i got 417 I could be #1, Just like the current all time score when they got it you could replay again with single game time, Please change it back.-White-Wolf-

More COW-BELL!!!!almack

Ok so getting very consistant with with game, 416.5 this month, had this monthly trophy @ the end of every month ive been here (6) + i keep getting 416+ but never 417.0, im sure 417.0 is the very max as ive seen it @ other site's two.I think i shall find the link for power driver one + try + get AB to add it.This is a very fine very quick fun game, it's so refined, just like power driver one witch ive played many a time too elsewhere.I know from memory three of my last months best's were 416.1 - 416.3 - 416.4 + this month 416.5 Grrr!!! Owell there's alway's next month to try for ( november 10 ) Also after reading the comment's, there is no LUCK in this game, it's all timing + you can get very consistant at Power Driver.2ndly people are complaing carnt score 300 some 400 ... there are THREE click's in the game, one to start the next click is @ the very end of the bar + as it comes back the third click is in the very middle of the white fading line.Simple.Good luck 4* game very good-White-Wolf-

i suck lolGames16


Gold FINALLY!!!neeraffa

Last month i managed 416.4 this month i just got 416.3. Least im consistant! Awesome game, most likely the quickest game here!DGG

I dont see any luck Marc,its all about timing! it's not like its a online slot game! Here's an idea...When you make a game Add a replay button.Awesome game but game maker needed to put a replay button in.4*'s addictive stuffDGG


407.3 is my record and a secret to not submitting everytime is changing the screensize right under the game from medium too largeNickRushing123

Ehh this one is hard to score over 400...I hit 408 once...and then never made it past 380 agian.Animen

How is it possible to get over 400? I can only get about 200 or so. What am I missing here?Ernie

nice game although the submit your score every time you play not a good idea but still it is a nice game.Deathshot

nice game although the submit your score after every play makes it very lame ..Deathshot

very addictive game, can't figure out how to get to 417 yards, im consistantly hinting at 390+ yards, can anyone give me a hint to get it farther out? the only thing i dont like is that you must submit score after every drive. otherwise Power Driver rocks, too bad you cant play 18 holesFred Trujillo

Very nice!nicole09

Ok game. Having to submit a score after every swing almost just ruins it.jamjshoe

NOT BAD, COOL!crismoney

Good game. Having to submit your high score each time kinda sucks. It's all about timing and it moves really fast so you gotta have your timing just right.jamjshoe

This game is OK but it would be nice if you didn't have to submit after each swing. Very easy you just need to be a little lucky.marcman88

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