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 Mario Capeglide 
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Mario Capeglide

See full instructions inside Mario Capeglide arcade game.

Play Mario Capeglide Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
105,857 Plays   3.4 (49 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 522
All-Time Highscore: 1,872

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Comments about Mario Capeglide:

Mario Capeglide is hard but it's fun it reminds me of supper mario world.youngmonkies

It's hard and fun at the same time but sometimes a rage a little bithoop2cool

Love Mario Capeglide!Sometimes it can be difficult later on.Little Panda

This is a terrible game you can die and not even touch a block,the ground or the top of the screen.rogbow

mario capeglide is a little hard but still funchampion

this good fun hard game for all ages did i mension hard mario game so play this game alot peopleroman

Really hard and also why do you lose when you are like 2cm close to the top , i didn't touch and lost i was at 799. So yeah i rate this 3/5DannyBoy1235

Gold medal # 56. This was by far the hardest gold medal for me to get but after months of playing I finally got it!!Toki Wartooth

YEAHHH!!!!!!!! !st Place this month!!!!!!!Gunnar002

What a fun little game, I mean... Who DIDN'T test how far they could fly in Super Mario World?! It only made sense to remake Helicopter with our fav Nintendo Character!Sleep_Hurts

This game must be jewish because I have tried many times but it won't give me the gold.Destroyer

Careful of flying too close to the is very sensitiveGreenfox

not so hard or easy eitherdaxfang

i wouldve gone farther but i didnt want the mouse 2 break..budblitz

how do u control itmario360

:) 4/5 10/13 GoodRoro1029

It feels like Helicopter to me.garyoak99

Mario Capeglide is a quick and fun little game. Use the mouse button to make Caped Mario glide higher, and release the button to let him glide down. Avoid the bricks to fly as far as possible for maximum points. It gets hard though because the brick blocks obstacles become larger and larger the farther you fly.ArcadeBoss

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