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 Wonkey Dong 
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Wonkey Dong

See full instructions inside Wonkey Dong arcade game.

Play Wonkey Dong Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
59,729 Plays   3.8 (19 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 120,800

Recent play by djcyberlegend.


Comments about Wonkey Dong:

There's a bug in the game where sometimes if you fall through a gap in the floor on the "rivets" screen (as we used to call it in the original version back in the day) your character falls all the way through the bottom floor and off the screen without losing a life, this makes it impossible to continue further - kind of like a "kill screen".djcyberlegend

Wonkey Dong was good and one of the best parts was that each level you get more lives and that theres only three barrels on eack level.yoshie

i am good at Wonkey Dong and im only 12 ;) :):]gtms games

I am doing something wrong...out of the five times I try to climb up a ladder, three times he won't climb up...I have to walk to the left or right and try again and I quit for a while...anyway I like the game !Bomber

barrels weren't this fast in the original. its a alright game if you can find the right pattern for it. Id give it a 3 out of five because of the barrel speed.Lonny

man it was hard and easy ya the game was a chaling got far i hope i can beet it next time i bet i was cool hell ya it was cooolnaruto619

i am first agian!killerz20

This feels more like Donkey Kong than Donkey Kong does! Anyone else agree? ;)garyoak99

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