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See full instructions inside RSVP arcade game.

Play RSVP Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
18,938 Plays   3.7 (13 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,520
All-Time Highscore: 1,735

Recent play by DERAILED.


Comments about RSVP:

Certainly need to use the grey matter on RSVP...its quite challenging, but enjoyable. Kept thinking I'd got it right only to be told "game over"...seems an easy game, till you start to play it, then kick yourself when you've made a totally seeable mistake, but at the time you didn't see it...Julie

Can't say I've ever played a game like this before, very interesting. Also surprisingly entertaining.DissonantMuse

long time ago I played games like this...its just like real cards...It depends on what you will getBomber

yes it has just happened to me and i have played RSVP losts of times and its only happend the one time happy gameing everyone.tatty

One player warned me...its an addictive game !!! I can is !!! I've got some trouble once in a while..when you click the card, sometimes he doesn't properly move with the cue...there is no possibility anymore to move the card to a particular place ! did anyone meet this same problem?Bomber

I really enjoyed RSVP. Still only make it to the 3rd one. Ane that's embarressing to admitt, because this game is hella easy. But I was dropped on my head when I was a kid. So there's my excuse. what's yours?chuckee67

Man RSVP is really frustrating.Jokco

This game is one big struggle. But I'll keep pushing through:)thebluesamurai

I really like RSVP!!gma67501

Ahhh, pleased with that. :-) 225+200+175+175 + 200+225+235+240 = 1675. Anyone ... Beat Dat !Eagle_Kiwi

Just for the record, here are the 8 rounds (game doesn't number them) each also showing the number of cards used in that round: #1 - 14 cards - Happy Hour #2 - 12 cards - Pot Luck #3 - 12 cards - Big Buffet #4 - 12 cards - Fancy Feast #5 - 14 cards - Summer Picnic #6 - 14 cards - Cocktail Hour #7 - 16 cards - Dinner Date #8 - 16 cards - Champagne Brunch Enjoy the struggle! I do. :)Eagle_Kiwi

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