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 Santa′s Factory 
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Santa's Factory

See full instructions inside Santa′s Factory arcade game.

Catch the falling presents.

Cath the falling presents.

Play Santa′s Factory Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.

This game also known as: Santas Factory
11,573 Plays   3.4 (19 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 395

Recent play by CDSONIC01.


Comments about Santa′s Factory:

Just had to get 200 in 1 life and it turned out well =). I think you get better drops if you avoid needless moves, at least I didGreenfox

I got 150 in 1 life and still couldn't come close to the high score....Game of luck and skillGreenfox

Fun game, easy though once you figure it out. catch the presents yay!!! I love christmas dont you.AngelicHumanForce

...a bit slow for my liking! Was this an ACTUAL handheld game during the early '80s? If so, what company made it; was it Nintendo too?garyoak99

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