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The classic Xevious game!

Use Arrow Keys to Move Z to Fire and X for Bomb

Play Xevious Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
29,991 Plays   3.0 (21 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 182,340

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Recent play by pauly.


Comments about Xevious:

Looks like a direct port of the arcade version. What I don't understand is why the screen is soooooooo small. What's up with that? If you fix that major issue, then I would have to rate Xevious with 5 stars.jigadre

This is an awesome game, looks like they must have used the original program. To bad they didn't account for the speed of modern computers. I never remember it being this hard.casinogiant

Wow Xevious is hard! You get hit once and your dead and you only get 3 lives to work with.Destroyer

it was way harder then the original but i found it to be tty funKBOOM521

The setting is impossible on Xevious! The original game was never this difficult.senor boogie woogie

much harder to play then the original game, difficulty is set way too high, this was one of my favorite games as a kid, set the way it is now i dont recommend playing it, it wont be any funFred Trujillo

I can think of better classics for an arcade though.garyoak99

this is an awsome game, i gotta have this for my arcade. havent played it in yearsoutlaw16151

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