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An adaptation of a Russian LCD game called "Nu Pogodi" which means "Just you wait!". This game is based on a popular Russian cartoon featuring the Wolf and Hare. Arrow Keys to Move.

Play Eggs Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
14,527 Plays   2.5 (18 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 112

Recent play by tatty.


Comments about Eggs:

Just realised it's impossible to get higher than 112 due to two eggs falling at the exact same point at one time during the repeating pattern. Nice little challenge but doubt I'd be able to beat the time it was done in by the other guys :p.CDSONIC01

This is one the most boring games I have ever played.cberry56

I actually don't mind Eggs, but its impossible to catch the eggs at certain parts =(Greenfox

This game needs a bit more...I don't know...animation...? It's like it was created in stop motion.Ernie

Why would anyone even make a game like this? WOW, talk about boring/generic and stupid. LAME LAME LAME!EmC2Games

It's old skool alright. And it's harsh to boot...thebluesamurai

That game was not fun at all! =(nicole09

I never did like having eggs for breakfast! ;)garyoak99

Eggstreme Makeover
Eggstreme Makeover
Moving Eggs
Moving Eggs

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