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See full instructions inside Checkers arcade game.

Classic Game Of Checkers

Controls: Mouse

Play Checkers Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
43,423 Plays   3.8 (46 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 61,000
All-Time Highscore: 62,000

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by Oscar50.


Comments about Checkers:

Excellent checkers game!Goldbug21

Yeah... it was okay. Not the worse I've played, but the computer is pretty easy to beat.RollickyRuth

a perfect game of was nice and simple which makes it a beauty. will be back for moreouyenjoe


Checkers is cool,needs more graphics,and more rules or ablilaty for the king chipshyane101

If you like playing checkers and know to win a game fast, this'll be fun for you.Love Buzz

winning in 35-36 seconds??? wheres the cheats located???Dreamster66

I think tis game is great. I didn't think old games like this one would be so fun. I hope to play Checkers in th near future.Crisis28

I absolutly LOVE Checkers. Play it all the time. Thank god the arcade has it.Tanicha

really funnateboncore

looks hard to start with but ! ! a bit easy u shoud put more things on itderek11


NICE GAMEjose70cougar

i am cool !!!!!!!SARAH11416

easy i miss checker like family timeSARAH11416

man o how i miss cheakers... too easy they should have diffrent levels cause this was a pice of cake just like your daddy kiddingDirtyBlonde34

Oh yeah playing checkers brings back a lot of old memories. This game doesn't get played much anymore, but I remember playing this as a kid and really enjoyed family time with Checkers.sax556

This Game Is Okay...But I Think That You Should Have Some More Grafics And Stuff Like That!!!dahbgking

Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers

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