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 Tetris 3 
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Tetris 3

See full instructions inside Tetris 3 arcade game.

Play Tetris 3 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
71,476 Plays   4.0 (21 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 60,923
All-Time Highscore: 3,048,005

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Recent play by Tuatha.


Comments about Tetris 3:

i like Tetris 3williamsloria

The game give me worng pease.tdickensheets

Nice game ! But somehow I have problems with the way how to rotate. It is the first tetris were I have this problem. And i played a lot. My favorite Tetris is at the moment Color Tetris from 'WE' Group.KunmingDirk

first place again. It is not hard to do. Since it stopped counting for points. I seem to be the only one playing it. But I enjoy it. So everyone says. I play with myself. Let them think what they want.Cliffordrrrr

Wow, 3rd place, first time playing this in years. XDZega

ha ha hacoldblood

old game but it still nice to play. it need my concentrates to focus thegame . it is still more time to me to be the firstarekbos

I just knocked myself out of top spot again - the sad thing is I should have done heaps better, but I got confused over simple stacks. --Maybe I will be able to concentrate better before the end of the monthCliffordR

I couldn't believe it - a scabby 33,000 - and I am top score for the month - Then I realised - there was only 28 days last month and the month is only a few minutes old - I am going to have to get a lot better than 33,000 to even be in the top 3CliffordR

slowly getting thereCliffordR

Until a couple of weeks ago - I would have been happy with a score of 99,000 because my hightest score to date was 184,00 and I would have considered 99,000 pretty good going - but I had to be a real smart arse and get well over 300,000 I must have been at my peak - I'll never beat that score . However a couple of weeks ago I thought 200,000 was beyond me.CliffordR

122,209- Until yesterday I would have been over the moon with that score - But I was so fantanstic yesterday - with 340,000 I think it will be a cold day in hell before I can say "I have a new personal best"CliffordR

I think at last I have a score that will last until the end of the month - I played well but I think there was a lot of luck involved - every once in a while you can get a game which is easier to play than others - this was such a game - But credit where credit is due - I did have to concentrate for over twenty minutes - I may put myself in for a "Mention in dispatches" (whatever that is)CliffordR

It has taken me over a month to get over 10,000 . I was robbed last month - relegated to second spot on the second last day of the month -I didn't win silver - I lost goldCliffordR

76.000 I thought I was on my way to a wonderful scoree - but I blew it when the sped picked up - I guess I panicked - so I will have to keep trying until I can crack 200,000 - I had better pull my finger out. I am on the wrong side of 65 nowCliffordR

I once again knocked myself out of top spot - I wish I was able to concentrate better in the latter stages of a game - I should have done better - I am yet to break 200,000CliffordR

I just knocked myself out of first spot becaust I only had a scabby 11,000 - I lasted just over five minutes - I am aiming for at least 200,000 if I have any chance of holding down first spot for any length of timeCliffordR

wow first place of 11,000 how wonderful - I expect this lead to last nearly five minutesCliffordR

thats aokcreater123

wow I almost made it to 200 grand - it is just a matter of time until I get the 200 - but I dont know if time is on my hands - will I be able to live long enoughCliffordR

I don't know...but when I'm playing this game and I reach in the game about 20.000 points, the blocks are falling THAT fast...that I can't move the blocks with my arrow-keys to the left or to the it is impossible for me to reach 30.000 points. Could it be..that my computer is too fast? Or are other players using a application, witch "makes Tetris 3 slower? Anyway...its a nice game through all years !!!Bomber

I play Tetris 3 every day hoping to beat the score I got months ago. maybe I am losing it, because when the blocks fall fast, It seems to scramble my brain and I become befuldled and all thumbs. But I will continue to try.CliffordR

I have made it to 1st Place again - that is the 4th time I have replaced myself at the top of the ladder. This game is very frustrating but I'm sure if I keep perservering I can continue to beat my highest score To date, which is 170,000 odd. But I think getting the highest score of all time, 0ver 2million Is way beyond me. I am happy that I managed to hold top spot for over 28 days - However it wont be the end of the world if I suddenly find someone else gets top spot for the month.CliffordR

This is the 3rd time I have gotten 1st place I dont really want to be accused of playing with myself, but that is what seems to be happening. I know there are heaps better players out there, other than me. Whilst it is nice to be in first place - it is getting old hat. I have been top for more than half a month. It would be nice for someone to get to first place to give me something to aim at. I know there are better players out there.CliffordR

when I got 112,000 I had mixed immotions - Happ for the fact that I got first place and sorrow for the person I replaced - Until I realized the person I replaced at the top of the ladder was Me. -I held that top score for 4 days - I Know I am going to have to do a lot better to stand any chance of being in the top three at the end of the month.CliffordR

about an hour ago I was boss of the month with what I thought was absolutely fantastic then I was hit with the stark reality that this is the first of the month - Now I have even beaten that score with 152000- but being the 1st of the month I imagine some show-off will make my score look pretty sick. I guess I will just enjoy my 3 minutes of fameCliffordR

good god I think I was wonderfull just then - I hate to blow my own trumpet - but I am the only one that will - I hate being so modestCliffordR

I played like a man possed and still only managed to get forth place for the month - not within coo-oo of the top threeCliffordR

I went from forth place on 80000 to forth place on 86000 I played like a man posessed and still didn't get within a bull's roar of the top three.CliffordR

this is the second time this week I have moved into fourth place with a staggering 80,000 but I am still not within coo-ee of moving up to third or second place - Ist place is just a pipe dreamCliffordR

my fingers were a blur and so was my head - How does someone get to 240.000 Plus - beyond meCliffordR

Woo Hoo!!! FINALLY 1st again! My eyes are watering and my fingers are numb but I did it!winningchic

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