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 Chick Flick 
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Chick Flick

See full instructions inside Chick Flick arcade game.

Play Chick Flick Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
20,108 Plays   3.3 (18 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 4,525
All-Time Highscore: 27,905

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Chick Flick:

Game is kind of boring, and quite simple to score high in. There are a large amount of free lives and ways to get bonuses.Starman

i know they need to make it challenging i dont mean they need to make it easy lol but for crap sake i was trying to get one chick in the damn nest for like 2 minutes! haha i guess my comment i meant that its hard for ME to aim, probably harder than most, i dont think it takes everyone else that long to get ONE single chick in the nestSmokeyQuartz

Of course it is hard to aim, SmokeyQuartz! It would be TOO EASY if it was simple to aim because of all the extra lives it throws at you in every stage.garyoak99

I only came back to play this because I wanted to unlock all of the different stages again! ;)garyoak99

I disagree with christie crozier. This is a very fun game that has replay value because it has very different levels to unlock and good variety in the different chicks too!garyoak99

its soo hard to aim, dammit!SmokeyQuartz

Chick Flick is fun :) ilike itLovelyPeaches

This is cute little save the birdies game, challenging yet funEVIL.ANGEL666

cool gamerubenjd

This game is very cute!aussie557

i only got 1 pount and i got first playce. :)sonic_0126

Chick Flick is cool if you play two playerstaz775

I don't know who could truly finish a full game of this. I don't think there could be any other game that is this bad.It is putting me in a coma ZZZZZZZZchristie crozier

This is truly one of the most stupidest games I have ever come across in my life. BORING!!christie crozier

CHEEP! CHEEP! ;)garyoak99

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