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 Easy Chess 
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Easy Chess

Your score is simply the number of moves lasted, as opposed to the quickest mate, which doesn't truely reflect how well the game was played, however it does reflect some chess aptitude as well as sheer endurance.

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22,279 Plays   3.7 (18 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 13,100

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Easy Chess:

easy chess. its not that easytatty

havent played chess in awhile,its a good game to play with friends that are the same skill level or its over fast,usually I need luck.reganz

Bomber. I got 22 before but my pb is 20Nick.P

27 moves.. someone can do it in less moves ?Bomber

just what I said before... look to the highscores... its a pity... Easy Chess should be more difficult to play !Bomber

you can win very easy, but its nice to play chess, evdry game is different, so its not always the same !Bomber

I beat the computer in 9 moves and I get no recognition for it. Go figure.Ernie

....You get points based on the amount of moves you take......not how fast you can beat your opponent =/.. How lameGreenfox

Once again.....yes....its "EASY"...Chess.....10.001 you can make... if you have time enough !Bomber

Like I said before....Chess is not must have enough time.. this month....I leave it by 801....all other players succes.Bomber

Its not difficult...when you have time left, I think 3 days...its possible to score 10.000...or more points. These time I don't have so I leave it this mounth by 501 points. All other players....succes !Bomber

maybe its a better idea to give more points as quicker you gave checkmate to the computer?Bomber

I never could understand the game of chess. And still don't understand. been trying since i was a little kid. oh well, good luck everbody, and have lots of fun.christie crozier

easy game, I like it.. Just need 2 know how the scoring works???lito1942


That was a nice gameSonicdelta

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