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 Bakery Connection 
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Bakery Connection

A tasty tile matching game full of delicious delectables.

Select identical tiles that have a clear path between them, like from the edges or next to each other in the center. Use the 3 Hints if you get stuck, and finish in the time alloted.

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179,454 Plays   4.2 (22 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by AuntSue.


Comments about Bakery Connection:

first play I had a score of 5200 points. Now I improved till a score of more than 50000 points. And I like the game but do not know what they are talking about in that language...020510dekriz

Does anyone else have this problem?. I can't finish a game to save my life. EVERY one ends with no moves left - about 95% of them in the 5th and 6th levels. I'm currently on a streak of about 20-30 games ending that way. One game I was on my way to a breakout score of about 84-85,000 and was 2/3 of the way thru level 6 when WHAM !! game more moves. Very frustrating.TimeBandit

Darn, it has only 6 levels.luckykid

I love Bakery Connection - but can never do very good !! What is the secret?? I see a lot of high scores. !!mswings

This game is addicting and great !! I wish I could play it faster!!! LOLmswings

Apparently it only has 6 levels. That's too bad. I'd love to go farther.AuntSue

I finally made it to level 6. What does it say? I can't read this language!Jnine

I never seen Bakery Connection before, but this is pritty cool.I haven't been able to stop playing for the last couple of hours.christie crozier

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