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 Mario′s Adventure 2b 
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Mario's Adventure 2b

Help Mario collect all the Coins before his health runs out. Watch out for the bad guys, they can lock-up the game if they get you. :(

Arrow Keys to Move, SPACE to Jump. Down + Space for Super Jump. Down Key to enter Pipes.

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289,896 Plays   3.6 (26 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 18
All-Time Highscore: 1,000,000

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Mario′s Adventure 2b:

hey its GREAT but needs some worktailsdoll5008

good gamerenee10

1st place here try bet me in this anybody i love tackle rugbyrenee10

@ starfoxlover1231, to jump higher you hold the down key then press the space bar.-White-Wolf-

ok i don't get this: i can't jump high enough to reach some of the blocksstarfoxlover1231

i know that i will get better at it!!!!Joaliz

not the best game i have played but i guess its goodyoshi22341

Well from my first try and scoring 1600 in my 1st month here, then to 25k, then 47k last month ive mastered Mario′s Adventure 2b and am now awear how the scoring work's, hense my nice even score of 100,000.Fun game, A fairly standard mario clone! 3*'s.-W-W--White-Wolf-

Played through the game along time to achieve the new all time score! Just have to becareful as enemies can freeze the game.Fun Mario game as i previously stated.:)DGG

Fun mario game,better than most as it quite a challenge but has issues,yes be careful not to get hit by enemys as it will freeze the game,but other issues i had was jumping to break boxes sometimes sends you flying off screen and you die and jumping on platforms then mario slids off.good game but would be much better without those glitches,i scored 1600+ dont know how scoring works?DGG

great game its awsome!!! its really hard woootbhy

Mario′s Adventure 2b is really easy to playzapperflash

good game, okayBafusa

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