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 The Path to Moksha 
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The Path to Moksha

The path to Nirvana is not an easy one. This quest is littered with numerous hurdles and obstacles. The great and learned sage has taken up the challenge. Battle it out with the four core elements in your journey to enlightenment.

Keep the mouse pressed to fill up your prana. Release the button to make baba levitate. SPACE to attack enemies.

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7,797 Plays   1.9 (7 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 94,385

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Comments about The Path to Moksha:

screw that! way too confusing and a little creepy!SmokeyQuartz

Aha! I think u get the Submit option only after one of the higher levels, NOT the `Easy` one. (Actually those various difficulty olptions are misnomers I reckon - they're just the different *levels* - though perhaps they DO get harder as u go on). And oddly u don't have to do them in order!?Eagle_Kiwi

I agree, Mel. I've had a score here before, but today - all I get is `Main Menu` and `Try Again` as the options at end - and neither Submits anything. (C'mon Joker, tell us how ! ;-) )Eagle_Kiwi

how do u enter ur high score????????mel2win


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