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See full instructions inside Backgammon arcade game.

Play Backgammon Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
37,320 Plays   3.2 (6 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by Mighty Mac.

Comments about Backgammon:

The Computer is the most cheatinest SOB I've ever seen...Literally rolled 4 doubles in a row. I had NO doubles the entire game...retarded....still fun thoughBigJohn72

Man, the computer was straight up cheating at first! It kept rolling double sixes and double fives like every roll! Then I would roll a 2-1 or a 3-2. I was about to quit, but I hung in there and made a monster comeback! I finally got some high doubles of my own to complete my victory. Overall....I'd give this a 2.5 only because you can't play against other human players.jigadre

PLus, I wish you could play other members.dragonslayer

Backgammon is really easy to understand. Each moves their men around the board in opposite directions. The goal is to get all of your men off the board before your opponent does. It is that simple. I like it because it is a quick moving game and you can always tell where you are in the game just by looking at it. No cards to count or plays to keep track of, etc. I wish Backgammon was scored, it isn't.dragonslayer

i luv Backgammondragonslayer

i can never understand Backgammon! even when someone explains it to me i still get so confused lol not a game for me!SmokeyQuartz

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