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 Asteroids Classic 
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Asteroids Classic

See full instructions inside Asteroids Classic arcade game.

Play Asteroids Classic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
53,372 Plays   4.2 (42 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

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Recent play by demirus.


Comments about Asteroids Classic:

Classic game....The Original...and all time best. Riddle me this..............How the **** does someone get the highscore of over a MILLION points??????????????? SICKstonedferret

epic game.................................... .treyisbest10181018

an asteroid spawn killed me >:(lolman123


love Asteroids Classic the more i play it the more i have to so i can beat my last score the more i get killed the more i go back to in its like being 18 againmjm1929

The simplicity is art, love the oldskool, mindless button bashing!QueenieB

I suck at this more than i do at the Playstation relesemariofan1012

How did that guy get 4200000bobsamide

just like originalbobsamide

third placemoamen55

Awesome game no doubt about it, it's a favourite classic, one thing i dont like tho is you can have like 5 life's like i did + you die once,but you can have a bad run with asteroids being right on you when you regenerate and lose like 4 life's in 1! that's so wrong + fustrating, i lose the odd life here and there + it's ok to do that as you get a xtra life every 10k but when you go losing pretty much all your live's from one death it sort of kill's the fun of wanting to play again?! 3*sDGG

lol the controll take some time to getting use to it is an awesome game and very classicArcadeX

not a bad scoregig926

it is a classic do not knowgig926

cool gamegig926

very hard game but easier than asteroids boss but still very hasd game very very hard game.Hasnain

They don't call it a classic for nothing! Nothing beats a classic! :)garyoak99

awosome this = awosome ness!?SOAD?!

great old arcade game . Loved it in the 80's. Still cool game now.Spent hours on Atari playing this. Still *%&# at it lolzookeeperz

too oldschool06_player

w00t fith place...... better than last right?ng1194

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