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 Manic Miner 
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Manic Miner

See full instructions inside Manic Miner arcade game.

Miner Willy in his first game.

Collect the flash things and avoid the bad things.


Play Manic Miner Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
79,387 Plays   2.9 (14 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 22,752

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Recent play by 123hotdog.


Comments about Manic Miner:

Whoever is responsible for the Flash conversion has completely screwed up the jump mechanism! The original required pixel-perfect jumps on some levels, and this just isn't possible on this version. The sprite seems to "float" and it's difficult to time your jumps. Compare this version with the ZX Spectrum original, and you'll see why this one is so wrong! Still, a decent enough attempt, but the best way to play Manic Miner is still through a ZX Spectrum emulator (there's a good online at

ive never played that 1 before,not sure what to do,was good at getting killed though.reganz

Done!Hala Madrid!

It is only a question of time!Hala Madrid!

This game sort of lags around with the characters, the jumps are all slow so its hard to jump and the first level is actully the hardest because of the spikes on the top. This "Game" is still the hardest, but to win, you need skill, and a lot of it thats for sure of it.legoman10

Rated a 3.3 right. This game is annoying, all slow unresponsive and plain out dumb, I guess its a "Game" though. lmaoEmC2Games


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