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 Duck Hunt 
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Duck Hunt

See full instructions inside Duck Hunt arcade game.

Play Duck Hunt Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
30,905 Plays   4.0 (17 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 55,500
All-Time Highscore: 15,121,000

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Recent play by blackadder.


Comments about Duck Hunt:

Is that Daffy Duck?tdickensheets

great games.. miss the old days of playing this on Nintendopiratelady

Ahhhh...The old days of nintendo. Slightly boring now tho..........but still fun!!!!stonedferret

fun moemories of Duck Hunt. The point snd click is not the same but fun nonetheless...huigh score 15M...never for me :)rtkiii

This was a game that united people. No matter where you came from, what you believed in, what color your skin was, how old you were...EVERYONE HATED THAT DOG AND HIS MOCKING WAYS!Mamoo

Good game - like a different version of doomed duck. Got to round 60 + got bored lolneeraffa

Fun game its got a real retro feeling to it i liked it.played to 500k with out missing one.overly easy.DGG

I am the Duck Hunter! I just gotta go tinkle.nowurmessingwith

I got 4th place the first time I played! I'm pretty proud of that seeing as I haven't played Duck Hunt in YEARS! I remember playing Duck Hunt & having so much fun, a true classic!nicole09

This is a retro game that you can really sink your teeth into. It is fun and those ducks fly some challenging patterns. Just when you think you got em "fly away" and off they go.nowurmessingwith

I love these old retro video games I could play them all day if I didnt have other stuff to go and do.nowurmessingwith

This is a great retro game. I remember playing Duck Hunt for hours in arcades and on nintendo back when I was a teenager. It really takes me back!!!!!nowurmessingwith

Truly retro! Great fun.nowurmessingwith

Doomed Duck
Doomed Duck
Duck and Hover
Duck and Hover
Charlie The Duck
Charlie The Duck

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