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See full instructions inside Mumu arcade game.

Play Mumu Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
19,711 Plays   3.7 (15 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 276
All-Time Highscore: 1,925

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Recent play by oroireoro.


Comments about Mumu:

hmm, interesting puzzle game. Not what I expected from the looks of it, but it's pretty challenging; a new style of puzzle that's for sure.DissonantMuse

ph and i have to put the board on large size to even see the damn colors lolSmokeyQuartz

i love Mumu! i really enjoy untimed stradegy games. I think all stradegy games should be untimed because then it gives you time to think dammit! lol I wish there was cool music or something though.SmokeyQuartz

Definitely a game of strategy..........I tend to get too caught up in what I am trying to get right now and don't really plan well for the coming blocks. Fun though, if you have the patience.agent16041

I really like Mumu. Fun and challanging.Bubbles39mi

WARNING "ANY Key" to rotate: This means any key EXCEPT "Enter" (which in fact goes straight to the "About" screen, from where only option is Restart - i.e. your game in progress is LOST :-( )Eagle_Kiwi

i love Mumutracibabb

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