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 Beer Dude 2 
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Beer Dude 2

See full instructions inside Beer Dude 2 arcade game.

Play Beer Dude 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
17,840 Plays   4.1 (23 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 2,265
All-Time Highscore: 43,728

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Recent play by Mimeke.


Comments about Beer Dude 2:

Jam a piece of cardboard in the crack of the shift button to hold it down, its easier that way. And in the faster levels dont always try and go for the time bonus barrels, they will get ya! Ive always loved Beer Dude 2, pure classic ~BURP~Inevitable2011

I am so wasted after playing Beer Dude 2. I love beer!!!Destroyer

Thanks for the help WhiteWolf, and thank you Ernie for the question. Very good game, kind of like a drunk man's Mario WorldLove Buzz

Thank you! I seem to understand the game a bit more now. Must've missed that part in the instructions...Ernie

@ Ernie, some advice for you...Hold shift + you run TWICE as fast. Also it make's you jump higher + further! More Advice...I hold the Shift key non-stop for the whole game.Make's it harder but much better once you get skilled, Also once you complete the game,like ive said b4 it replay's, enemies @ double speed, + they are way faster than you even when holding Shift, so you need to master having shift held perminently to have any chance + a good score + going far.Good luck!-White-Wolf-

There's a jump on level 4 (I think) that I can't seem to land no matter where I jump from. Am I missing something?Ernie

Awesome platform game.You gotta have some skill to score big.Very happy to get over 41k.Once you play through the game ( 32 LV's ) you start again, but the enemies are @ double speed making the later LV's in the game very tricky, this was my second attempt i had a go last month + got only 31k so a good improvment.I should hope to do even better next time, its really a learning curve.Top Notch game 5*'s DUDE!-White-Wolf-

Now I want a tall frothy glass of ice cold beer, mmmmmm, Beer Dude 2 makes me laugh kinda, reminds me of "The Big Lebowski"AngelicHumanForce

Another round of beers for the beer dude 2! I'm buying that round of beers just as long as I don't get manhandled by the man! ;)garyoak99

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