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 Air Hockey 
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Air Hockey

See full instructions inside Air Hockey arcade game.

Play Air Hockey Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
19,112 Plays   3.4 (27 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 28,390

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by Sue-nami.


Comments about Air Hockey:

fun just like real life but without the noise of other people... still fun to play.. will keep playing it just to see what can be donepiratelady

Score doesn't submit unless you beat the computer, I guess.Eagle_Kiwi

well, there is a different air hockey game called disc battle with different colors on coolmath :D and the hockey puck in both versions moves fast, which is good news.tarpit

Thanks that was fun !!!!moonchild

ooohhhh my Eye's way fun though thanks again!!!!moonchild

I ment thanks to who ever I have been playing lol..Thanks again.moonchild

Ok I know I'm not playing a computer haaa thanks to how ever I been playing gotta take a break wow it has been fun...moonchild

Hi I really like Air Hockey ! How can I play it wath a Person? not against the computer? that would be way fun . Thanks ..Moonchild...moonchild

a friendly tip for you if your having trouble. .. Just try tapping the puck/disc, instead of a huge hit. The computer isnt expecting you to do that so they have to leave their goal wide open to come retrieve it, half the time they end up scoring in their OWN goal accidentally lol try it! :P happy gaming everyone!SmokeyQuartz

the computer isnt much of a challenge! its easy and funSmokeyQuartz

so hard on a laptop!DeanANMorton

Air Hockey is very tricky at most points of Air Hockey but its really entertainingSpikeXEpidemic

wicked gameladyluck27

This is a really cool game. It brings back some old time memories. Its fast, Its hard and I am already addicted to Air Hockey. Lots of fun and good luck to everybody.christie crozier

Air Hockey is fantastic. It's just like the real thing except I can play it in my own living room without a big table taking up space. The speed and sounds are terrific. And you make the puck easy to see. Great job and keep up the great work. Thank you so much for bringing such pleasure and enjoyment to me and all of your playerswinship


Meh, Its ok.Boogerman

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