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 Luigi′s Day 
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Luigi's Day

See full instructions inside Luigi′s Day arcade game.

Play Luigi′s Day Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
64,956 Plays   3.9 (28 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 2,005,000

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Luigi′s Day:

I scored 8421 points but how do break bricks? there are no Bricks and 1 levelBenbenq

I should break more bricks next time. Since I came in third, thats because I got all of the coins! Anyways, what is it like when you touch the quicksand, or a pirranha plant?cool390

It doesn't want to let me go down the pipe multiple times. I know it's possible, because that's how people are getting the highest scores.Ernie

OH YEAH IM ON THIRD PLACE!!!!!jeffrey345

oh man I got sixth place in Luigi′s Day, I should do better on Luigi′s Day the next time I play itRey lopez

It sure was a piece of cake for me because I did not lose even onceRey lopez

The way you get more points is going into the pipe over and over again. The pipe without the plant, go in it, get all the coins, then instead of leaving through the bottom pipe to leave, jump to the second level and go forward to the wall, it will bring you back to the start of the part where the pipe is again. repeat, repeat, repeat. Simple as that, have fun...AngelicHumanForce

that was fun!!!!!!Shadow yoshi 333

yo this the most stupid game i ever play one word suckersgtredx13

game great!! and try to beat my score trycoolkevin

i love Luigi′s Dayad31066

i know how to get more coins its glichis its kinda hard to eaxplan in a comeantcoolkevin

now i know how to get more coins but im not gonna tell itcoolkevin

wow that is one relley short game but how do you get more points it hard how do you do it?coolkevin

hard to playcat_win

YES 1ST PLACE!AWSOME!!!!Vanessalinn

Alex, and others: Refer to forum thread. March 2009 ( 638.html#top )Eagle_Kiwi

I don't understand how we can make more points, i picked all coins that is possible and i broke bricks, so i don't know. Can someone help me?Alex_Ovechkin_forever!

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