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 Bubble Bot 
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Bubble Bot

See full instructions inside Bubble Bot arcade game.

Play Bubble Bot Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
11,454 Plays   3.3 (19 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 10,047
All-Time Highscore: 44,709

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Bubble Bot:

1st place baby!! :)sarafina_man_merdock123

hahaha, very nice game and im good at it =), def fav'd and going to come back for an all time laterl3g3nds

Like Bubble Bot, it's simple, well seems simple, but its not, lol, well not when you've had a drink!! but it is goodJulie

What am I supposed to do for "defend"? That one isn't explained very well. "Run" also took me a few tries.Ernie

Comprehend what? You either jump to platforms, or defend the 2 blocks from the falling balls, quite simple. This game is too easy and plain.RealGENIUS

Guys, Guys, all you do is wait for the challenge... wait a FEW SECONDs (SOME PEOPLE DONT KNOW) Like when it says RUN you wait until you see the little bars to run/jump on. Same thing as climb. Just wait a second. I enjoy it. I <3 i good challenge. My best score is like 5,000 lol.DarkMaul3r

Bubble Bot is kinda hard to do suvive it get harder and harder every time your really good at Bubble Botcoolkevin

what the hell? LOL...weird game. by the way it says "Think Fast" not "Think Post" LOL :Pdarkangel20

I agree Gary. I figure maybe 4 or 5 of the first 6 or so, and some are reasonable fun, but the whole thing just seems a bit cryptic (what the heck does "Think POST" mean ?) I'm just gonna skip Bubble Bot, and go explore others .... :(Eagle_Kiwi

I don't understand many of the challenges in Bubble Bot. Anyone else have difficulty comprehending Bubble Bot?garyoak99

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