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 SpongeBob Patty Panic 
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SpongeBob Patty Panic

See full instructions inside SpongeBob Patty Panic arcade game.

Play SpongeBob Patty Panic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
309,462 Plays   4.1 (32 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 8,525
All-Time Highscore: 45,325

Recent play by CDSONIC01.


Comments about SpongeBob Patty Panic:

ooohhh thats good score for me...will try again later as this is too addictive lol :-DFeegee

oh beat my own score for now :-DFeegee

yeehaaa got my highest score yet on this game :-DFeegee

ooohhh eeeerrrr silly game but addictive game :-DFeegee

I like SpongeBob Patty Panic.allenkday

I love SpongeBob Patty Panic! =]Avelocity88

Darn, only needed like 300 more points.Avelocity88

SpongeBob Patty Panic is AWESOME!kinda like a spongebob squerepants version of the classic game burger time. i like smashing plankton with the lettuce , bread buns , and patties. and i wonder what the golden spatula is used for... I approve this message!`u`bluetoad410

All The Spongebob Games On This WEbsite Are Awesome ! But i Think This and Spongebob Boo or Boom is the best. I say that because i have the monthly highscore on both of these games !andrearene

It was fun playing SpongeBob Patty Panic... because it will enhance your ability to be alert on what you are doing :)lance

pretty fun game kinda looks very familar can we say burger timegamemaster17

Best game ever!hawkplayer78

I like SpongeBob Patty Panic I want to help the sponge and mu selfarekbos

i like SpongeBob Patty Panicchablis

this is a good game. i like it :)bossyboss

i liked SpongeBob Patty PanicPR!NC3*B@RB!3

Y like thisOuds01

I actually prefer this to the original Burgertime , which was clearly the inspiration for Patty Panic.Madman



its a good game and i love spongebobbossyboss

im # 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ledger_54

SpongeBob Patty Panic was okay i always die!! =(im da beast


2nd place hell yaangel#1

im jus to busy chatinsassiigurl22

i luv da game im gone 2 play it aginsassiigurl22

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