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 Ghost Rider Hellfire 
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Ghost Rider Hellfire

You have one minute to complete the course. Tricks will give you more time to complete the course and boost your level. Use turbo boost when hitting the ramps and obstacles to gain extra height. Complete tricks before landing to avoid a wipe out.

W to Accelerate, S to Brake/Reverse. A to Pull Back, D to Push Forward. SPACE for Turbo Boost. Arrow Key combinations for mid-air tricks.

Drive through the maps collecting points and power-ups as you do stunts on your flaming motorcycle.

Use the map below the game interface to see upcoming obstacles and gauge your height.

Pickups will increase speed, boost level or time.

Controls: arrow keys for tricks, WASD to move

Play Ghost Rider Hellfire Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.

This game also known as: Ghost Rider - Hellfire

This game has a maximum play time of
833333.333333 minutes to qualify.
112,617 Plays   3.0 (12 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 15,237,095

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Ghost Rider Hellfire:

i dident know i was in 2nd place alltime high score. :)tatty

Race - stop race - enters score - eyes pop out of head ! UM - Ghost Rider Hellfire --> Fail.-White-Wolf-

FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! lotsa flips and dips haha3styler

and the scores above me are cheats and they should be took of the altime score board.tatty

what a cool game i have just got over 13million and it is ware i was hopeing to be because i knew it would be impossible for me to get any higher becasues the scores above me are to me untouthable.tatty

Ghost Rider Hellfires time goes too fastanvera0200

I think I read you the first time, nikeme! It IS tight! ;)garyoak99

it is tight dawgnikeme

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