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Welcome! Arcade Boss FAQs [Please Read]

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 9:32 pm    Post subject: Welcome! Arcade Boss FAQs [Please Read] Reply with quote


Welcome to Arcade Boss

Thanks for playing and participating at Arcade Boss, the best arcade site in the world and the home of the greatest players and most awesome members, including YOU!

We have fun games and a great community and monthly highscore challenges. Below are just a few of our many features for members:

1. We have the best games.
2. We have the best players.
3. We have Highscores.
4. We have Honor Medals.
5. We have Boss of the Month prize challenge.
6. We award cash prizes each month.
7. We have Forum, Shoutbox, Chat, Profiles, Trophies, Credits
8. We have Tournaments and Tournament Boss prize challenge.
9. We have Posters of the Month prize challenge.
10. We have thousands of games with new ones being added continuously.

Here are some quick links and FAQs to help you get maximum enjoyment out of Arcade Boss, followed by some frequently asked questions...

-- Community Respect
-- Avoiding Highscore Problems
-- Beating Highscores with Fast Time
-- Sitemap

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey, my record hasn't updated yet, I'm supposed to have XXXXXXXX.
Q: Hey, why didn't the all-time score update yet?
Q: Why haven't my honor medals updated yet?
Q: Why hasn't my highscore updated yet?
Q: Why hasn't the Boss list updated yet?
Q: Why hasn't XXXXXXX updated yet?
Q: Why does on part of the site says I have XX, but another part says YY.

A: We use caching to make the site faster. That means some values are only read from the database every once in a while. Please just be patient, it will probably update soon. If something still doesn't look right after 48 hours, then you can let us know.

Q: Is this your site?
Q: Who's site is this?

A: In case you didn't guess, this is my site. I created it, I find the games and administrate the site with the help of a great team of moderators. I've even been known to write a few games myself. My user name is ArcadeBoss.

Q: Are the prizes real?

A: Yes. Other sites with no forums and no shoutbox might be able to get away with fake prizes, but that would never work here. Anyway, we've paid out lots of cash, and you can ask the previous winners if you want. Although to win money you must meet the posted requirements of any given contest (like minimum plays, minimum points, minimum posts, and you must have a valid PayPal account, etc.) Also players competing for cash may be asked to provide video documentation of scores.

Q: When is the monthly challenge coming out?

A: Every month, unless otherwise noted on the homepage, we will have the following challenges: Boss of the Month, Tournament Boss, and Posters of the Month.

Q: Help, I can't post in the forum!?
Q: How many plays do I need to post?

A: In order to keep the spam down, we require a certain number of arcade game plays before the system will allow a member to post. How many plays are required? Not going to say exactly because the value may change, but it's probably somewhere between 50 and 300. Just enough to keep the spammers from bothering. If you are a dedicated player, you will have the required number of plays in no time. Thanks for your patience.

Q: How do I get credits?

A: Members can earn credits by contributing to the site. When members submit a rating or make their first comment on a game, they will earn credits. Another way of earning credits is participating in the forum. Non-spam posts and replies will automatically earn you credits. You can view your credits by checking your profile. Some site features like participating in tournaments will require credits.

Q: I just posted, why didn't my Credits increase?
Q: I just posted, why didn't my post count increase?

If the system said you did not receive credits on the page after you posted, then this means our anti-spam system has kicked in and not counted your post towards Credits and post count. Reasons for this could include that you've already received the maximum amount of credits in the last 24 hours, or your post was just to short to earn credits.

If the system said you did receive credits for a post, but you aren't see the latest values reflected on the home page under Top Credits, etc., then this may just be a caching issue. If this is a caching issue, the values will be updated after a while. See the other FAQ item regading cached values for more information.

Q: My score didn't save, what do I do?

You can beat your keyboard or throw your mouse across the room, but please be aware that scores will occasionally not submit right. This may be due to our score security system, it could be due to a problem with the flash game, or even an issue with your browser. For more information, see our guide to avoiding highscore problems.

Q: What about cheating?

Taking advantage of a glitch or trick in a game is not encouraged, however it will not result in an account ban.

-- Warning on Game Glitch Cheats

We have sophisticated technology for preventing and detecting real cheating, because we want to provide a fun and fair gaming experience. Cheating will result in an account ban, as well as loss of any cash prizes. Our moderators that serve as Score Officers may ask you for video proof in some cases in order to remain eligible for prizes and highscores.

-- HyperCam

Q: What are the forum rules!?

-- Forum Rules

Q: I still have a question!?

A: If you still have a question check the FAQ link below. Then, if you still need help, try searching the forums first, then create a new support thread in the Support Forum. If you are posting about a problem with a specific game, then please do everyone a favor and provide a link in your post to the game page.

Please don't post support issues in the shout box. Thanks for helping us to improve the site.

-- Forum FAQs
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