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 Pepsi Pinball 
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Pepsi Pinball

See full instructions inside Pepsi Pinball arcade game.

Play Pepsi Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
57,105 Plays   4.2 (49 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 19,195,252
All-Time Highscore: 99,999,990

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by Tuatha.


Comments about Pepsi Pinball:

This game is a ripoff. I just got 5mil+ and it never recorded my score. And earlier I got 3mil+ and it didn't record it then either.dragonslayer

Fun game to play over and over again.dragonslayer

is that what I think it is??????????? The bonus round is when you knock out those wired things.[It's asesome] how do you get points?champ678

Very fast. Sometimes seems as if the flippers are unresponsive. The pong game is very hard to control.Love Buzz

really fun game.. but you have to be quick or if not u loose... the flippers arent that great either but u still have some fun...TRAV13$A

Keeps going through my paddles =(Greenfox

I love pinball games and i accidentally clicked on this one. It didnt look fun but im glad i did! it was actually simple but very fun! I love the sound effects and the horse! lol Try it its silly but a good time!SmokeyQuartz

Pretty cool pinball game. Wow the all-time score has stood for a long time! Maybe the oldest high score on this site.Destroyer

yay!!!! im totally awsomeKassi

this is really a fast game be on your spurs its a wild rideGoldfairy50

great game and true to form.just like in all the srcades with pinballs just not enough flipper power.geoman3

It is a very fun and addicting game, but the "play again" button does not work for me.Ernie

I like the game but,boring.Lilybug

Well this southern gals gotta love it! It's a really unusual style pinball game. I really get a big "kick" outta this one, lol! It's alot o' FUN! I can see myself get'n hooked on play'n it. Yep, your darn tooten! ;-) Yee Haw!bigdebbiegirl

My favorite drink and Pinball..pauly

This is a great game. Love it!Oscar50

yes i got 4x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOWcannon22

that first is minechase m. hakala

Lots of fun, love the bonus!nicole09

really fun game!!Mayaye

what happened to Pepsi Pinball...someone pushed the speedup and now it is very differentKTWORLD

this is a really fun pinball game but the flippers are really unresponsive...the bonus game definitely adds to the game!KTWORLD

It doesn't look THAT easy to me!garyoak99

Sweet game but too easy to get points 4/5Valcrist

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