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 9 Ball Pool 
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9 Ball Pool

See full instructions inside 9 Ball Pool arcade game.

Play 9 Ball Pool Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
142,664 Plays   3.7 (36 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 4,250
All-Time Highscore: 4,575

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Comments about 9 Ball Pool:

This is ok but I would rather play pool where there's a directional arrow. But.... this is a fun version very easy and doesn't take away too many points like some billiards games.GinnyBoyd

This is not one of my favorite pool games. It's hard to steer the ball. I like the games that give you the directional but that's because I suck.GinnyBoyd

This is only the 3rd time I've played pool and I kinda like it. It's fun when you play 9 ball and you're by yourself. IDK if i'd like it with another player.GinnyBoyd

For those who are interested, here is a translation of the instructions (with help from Google Translate) - feel free to amend any errors I have made, if you speak German ;-) Gameplay 9-ball is played with nine object balls numbered 1 to 9 plus the white. On each shot, the lowest number ball must be hit with the cue ball, but the balls need not be pocketed in order. If the wrong number ball is played, one commits a foul (-25 points). All balls must, if possible, be sunk in the correct order within 5 minutes. If the "9" ball is pocketed last, there is a "bonus" (200 points). End of the game The game ends as soon as the 5 minutes are over. Aiming Aim and use the left mouse button to drag the cue back. The further you drag the cue back, the stronger is the shot. Spin You can add spin by moving the 'scan' points [that's the big white circle, bottom-left]. Hold down the left mouse button [on the white circle] and drag the target point to the desired location.msidoh

I am really, really bad at 9 Ball Pool! :-)) It took me about 2 years to figure out the white circle in bottom left allows you to put top spin, bottom spin, side spin on the ball. Even then, I still cannot pot the balls...msidoh

good game AA++++skeeterboy

i find it fickle and im not a huge fanouyenjoe

great game of skill. keeps you wanting more.kellyzindi

9 Ball Pools is hard but once you learn the basics it becomes fun it wouldnt be fun if it was easybear1982

I finally got my 55th gold medal playing 9 Ball Pool. I guess I finally got the hang of it. It was one of the toughest golds to get for sure! Now I can retire from 9 Ball Pool.Toki Wartooth

9-ball is my favorite pool game! and im surprised that most of you guys didnt like this online version! I really like it! its fun,. I wish there was music or something, gets a little quiet and all. But its a pretty good game. I like it even though im still trying to get the hang of it. I found a great way to sink the 9-ball on break. But thats in real life, on here there isnt enough power behind your shot and its off a little but still a pretty decent game :PSmokeyQuartz

TIP: Since the Rules are Foreign, he's a quick run thru. The Main Idea is ONLY hit the next ball in numerical sequence. So to start you hit the 1 ball FIRST, if you don't, you loose 25 Pts. On the plus side you dont have to Pot the 1 ball first, it can hit any other ball and pot it for the 100 Pts. Leave the 9 ball for last and receive a 200 Pts bonus. Potting all balls results in a Re-Rack and you play another round, until time is up. Good Luck! I suck at pool games and managed Gold... Someone must've realized the crummy gameplay. 2/5Sleep_Hurts

Very fun game, slighty addictive. Not realistic though. I murder in real pool but here, I am being murdered lolSlimChance340



it has ass all oversonikshadow00

9 Ball Pool is alsopenonome507


I'M GETTING THEREjose70cougar



This game sucks. 1) It's in a different language and 2) I try putting the ball in the hole but the stupid thing won't let me.Squirtle102

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