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 Mario Time Attack Remix 
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Mario Time Attack Remix

See full instructions inside Mario Time Attack Remix arcade game.

Play Mario Time Attack Remix Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
238,347 Plays   3.5 (37 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 41

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Mario Time Attack Remix:

THIS GAME IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!youngmonkies

Cool! I thought this was impossible to beat cuz of the time we had, but this is so easy! (Just need to upgrade the # of lives!:)DarknessAngelMomo21

This sucks I could finish this whole game and I haven't been playing it so I can pass it anymore. :(rebeca242355

I don`t like it , i don`t love it , I WORSHIP IT! very good gamebluetoad410

This game is awesom lol !)rebeca242355

Awesome music. Not a game that necessarily stands out as a game, but I know I'll always remember that music!Ernie

Guess what? One time I got all the way to level 40 !I beat the game, but the last level was so hard ! BYE! :Drebeca242355


I just needed 7 more levels to beat in Mario Time Attack RemixRey lopez


damn wario killed medragonz95

LOL....Your guy's comments are hilarious, on a real note Mario Time Attack Remix sucks. And it's way to easy.RealGENIUS

WOOOT! 1st place on monthly scores!!! (11-6-09) WOOOTO OMGWTFBBQ!Soniclover

this is the best game ever.One time I got to the boss wario.He is hard because there are hammers falling from the sky and you have to dodge wario.logan2345

i got 1st suckajuanocha1994

i won 1st nowjuanocha1994

2 hard really not lyingxx_iredtornado_xx

im actually pretty good for that. i just played. lol.didaluketic

This game is so easy. I got second place by 1,674 points.n The game is so sweet. And Mario Time Attack Remix is only here. Did you know it was ony 10 seconds. That was had. Bu i made i to level some thing. I LIKE PIE PEOPLE!!!Diangela65


that was goodharkins10

This game Rulze!!!!!!!!!!Parker12345678910

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