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 Jungle Quest Pinball 
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Jungle Quest Pinball

See full instructions inside Jungle Quest Pinball arcade game.

Play Jungle Quest Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
21,342 Plays   3.2 (34 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,192,500
All-Time Highscore: 8,335,500

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Jungle Quest Pinball:

my flippers didnt work:(reganz

I don't like the flippers.tdickensheets

the ball goes too damn fast! im not ***** superwoman!SmokeyQuartz

What's wrong with those flippers? They don't move sometimes, other times they're too fast or too slow. Whatever, everything else about Jungle Quest Pinball is good.Love Buzz

this pinball game is NUTS! The ball moves sooo fast you can hardly see it lol be ready with the flippers! cuz the ball is coming at you SUPER fast. I found out if you hold one of the flippers down it flipps continuosly, thats how i caught the ball a few times! I recommend Jungle Quest Pinball for the more advanced players that dont get mad easily! lolSmokeyQuartz

wow. this is fast.ohiopl8


what can I say I'm hooked to get this far is motivational to beat itGoldfairy50

I can't believe I got first place in Jungle Quest Pinball I love pinball and the graphics and variety help me have 3 count them 3 first in one day ya baby can't get enough thank you arcade bossGoldfairy50

Those are the most useless flippers I've ever seen. Why are there no sound effects?Ernie

Great pinball the theme topauly

Jungle Quest Pinball is surely amazeing but its a bit fast im currently standing in 5th place :D i love playing pin ball its a fun and addicting game:Deyezofadevil

terrible.. Jungle Quest Pinball is on crackALightFromBelow

thuis is so fu n'soccer

one of the better pinball games ive played online.Unlike most it is fast and as someone else said you better be fast on the flippers.thanks for the gamegeoman3

Tilt.. Tilt.. Tilt..ladyluck27

you better be fast on those flippersDigger

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