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 Frogger Classic 
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Frogger Classic

Another classic game of Frogger.

Controls: Arrow keys.

Note: this game often has problems correctly submitting the score.

Play Frogger Classic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
53,988 Plays   3.6 (44 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 28,397
All-Time Highscore: 52,679

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Frogger Classic:

passed 3 levels and received a score of zero.Lonny

Game works good, submission of a score 99.0019% of the time will result in a 0 submitPIX


Submitted as zero for me too. I see a couple of people have submitted scores ok this year, but probably dozens like me have been cheated and annoyed. What causes the difference - does it only work in one particular browser, or is it only for those still with very old Flash versions ? Without any clue, I think AB would improve by trashing Frogger Classic. :-[Eagle_Kiwi

What's up with submitting your score. No matter how much I get it always submits '0' points. Too bad I like old school frogger. :-(Master Of Puppets


Anyone else had there score submitted as ZERO. i am not a happy bunnyy9lee

this is one of my favorite classic games and it is very simple but it is also very challenging and adiictive.yoshie

porque esse jogo não salva meus recordes?já bati um recorde mensal de alguém aí mas o jogo colocou minha pontuação com 0?o que isso então vou ficar gastando tempo nesse jogo entãoxv000

Man I love this version, But month after month it never submit's, Tryed different browser's, Seem's many other's carnt also. Otherwise highly recommend if you like old school frogger :)-White-Wolf-

Mi az , hogy nem menti el a csúcsomat?Ricsi

Harder than I remember. Still fun thoughbobsamide

I can submit my score?pottsss

This game won't submit a score for me :/neeraffa

Seems harder than the frogger I used to play lolGreenfox

Well not happy about that got to the 4th level got a good score and the monthly and submitted as zero? that game but i want my score to go through!DGG

sinkin turtles got me panicking !!!!!!! STOP ITtaep

Why do all of the turtles dive? Only some of the turtles are supposed to dive - at least that's how it was in the original version, very difficult to play like this.djcyberlegend

good classic game but its on sum bull poopieRyNoPufinOnFire

It is fun but way too hard to get past level 1.Awesomanly

All of the turtles sink. Not all of the turtles are supposed to sink.GSD

it wont submit my score:( That sucks because I beat this months high score :<thebluesamurai

COOL GAME LOLbrandon mercadel

The lily-pad on the left is a nightmare!!! But I love a challenge. I'll give it another shot...thestorm529

lol never played this version lol fun but silly lolroseanne01

no scoregig926

great and classic the 3rd game i ever played it is trully an awesome gameArcadeX

i got a big score but it didnt savegolddragon king

Wow, the last lily-pad is tough to get to. However it's a great classic game and I'm glad it's on here.Squirtle102

Great classic game. However I don't remember it being this hard to get past the first level.marcman88

Frogger Console
Frogger Console

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