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See full instructions inside Frogger arcade game.

Play Frogger Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
104,215 Plays   3.6 (59 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 3,770
All-Time Highscore: 37,400

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Frogger:

Yeah Giants!jigadre


This game just cheated me out of my points!!! I put my frog into one of the spots at the top with a fly in it, then all of a sudden it shows me dying at the bottom of the screen like I was hit by a car? Can we say GLITCH???jigadre

So if I post a very long comment at the end of each game, do I get the 20 credits every time? If that's the case then I'm gonna keep doing it every time!jigadre

So if I post a very long comment at the end of each game, do I get the 20 credits every time? If that's the case then I'm gonna keep doing it every time!!jigadre

So if I post a very long comment at the end of each game, do I get the 20 credits every time? If that's the case then I'm gonna keep doing it every time!jigadre

Ah yes.......high score of the month on Frogger. Now I need to go for the all time record! The chase is on!jigadre

good old classic game, but, you think with it being a 80's arcade game they could have put at least the same graphics. The accuracy of the position leaves a little to be desired as well.casinogiant

Frogger is fun and challenging but some bad parts are that the game lags on ocasion and that the logs go two fast some times.yoshie

the frog is dumb for thinking it can make it and the game is kinda addicting.yoshie

frogger gets harder and harder till you finnaly loose all your liveschampion

Frogger is fun entertaing har but fun awesome and fun cool game good for all ages gameroman

This is funroman

Yeah! that's what's upReneeh61

I finally beat my own high scoreReneeh61

Im a lover of the frog!Reneeh61

frogger was always a great game since it came out!blackadder

The graphics on this version are wicked cool. Fun game to play.Blazed

fun but no soundbobsamide

Fantastic remake of the Classic Original. And just as challenging!!Sleep_Hurts

I got gold medal # 45 on Frogger. It took a couple dozen tries but I never gave up. On to the next one...Destroyer

Good version of the game, closer to the original than the 'classic' Frogger on herewastebasketkid

MMM hard game, dont see how top scores are achieved but someone mentioned a glitch so thats most likely how! moving on!DGG

Classic game. :)Lahrio

wow take a couple months off and you lose the ability to kick some but lol.. ill get it back lolroseanne01

I've found a glitch!This glitch is called 'NO TRAFFIC'.I am a B-I-G fan of glitches.I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS GAAAAMMMME!!:]Rob100

Everytime I make it to the goal,I get killed.JeromeS

Is it just me or is this version a lot harder than the classic version?Ernie

nerw to this site and alot of different games but this be the 1 i stay away from seen better sorry just not for memhigenell

it is a good game although if you get even close to a car you get squished and it is hard to tell when the frog wont get squished.Deathshot

gee no matter how many more times i play this i just cant get any better. or else my eyes cant go any faster lol!!!roseanne01

getting easier and easier to play... anyone catch me? ehheheheroseanne01

lol that was hard but had to get my high score back lol. got to keep that...roseanne01

llol wow cant see straight after the 3rd round.. on the they are like Zipping by lol way too fast lolroseanne01

wowo those levels get so fast lol i almost got dizzy lolroseanne01

Graphics are improved over the original, but the game is too fast-paced for my taste. Frog movement looks like it teleports from one position to the next instead of there being any animation of the frog actually moving.soultaker777

great game, but very faasst, great game, great game, too faaaasssst.prince1999

that was a shizzlin game. i can play it all day....sike! i gotta life. so by by. and Frogger shreads.Gerf

im in 7 place! be afraid of me. i am the ruler of the world. Frogger is simple and i hate that giant slow log.Gerf


The game is still really hard but fun. yep, i died again but this time it was worst. my little brother SUCKED it.Gerf

best game i ever played on this website. it is so retro classic that its funny. for on now im choosing classic arcade cuz they got the best games. i got in 9th place, so im gonna keep trying til i get in 1st place.wooo-hoooo. i cant believe that the person in first place has 37,000 points, IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! except for with a little magic.Gerf

this is a hard game...Mayaye

complicated at first but if you practice the game gets easier and much more enjoyableHomelessthinker48

Frogger is really complicatedi-love-pink

Hello All From DublinPaddyKilla

Frogger Console
Frogger Console
Frogger Classic
Frogger Classic

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