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See full instructions inside Defender arcade game.

Play Defender Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
49,205 Plays   3.1 (16 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 11,250
All-Time Highscore: 107,150

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Comments about Defender:

Kinda difficult to control movement, but quite addictive, I remember playing this as a kid...djcyberlegend

simple but really fun game....wish i would have found it a long time ago. i guess finding unfamiliar games is is what new tournments are sometimes for :) :)KTWORLD

wow now that is a game i used to play as a kid.. wow was addicted to it then and still am.. lol but wow is my coordination horrible.. not like it used to be lolroseanne01

Yep, I'm sure the Old Defender was much harder than this since I don't remember ever reading it gave out extra lives. It seems the remakes just aren't as difficult as the original classics. That may be all for the best though. It's easier to attract new fans when the game isn't THAT challenging! :)garyoak99

yeah I remember when I used to be really good at the old one, the old defender is definetly harder than this...but still fun.RED Belmont456

I love Defender.Dark Arcade

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