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 Lightning Pool 2 
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Lightning Pool 2

See full instructions inside Lightning Pool 2 arcade game.

Play Lightning Pool 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
125,854 Plays   4.4 (37 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 41,435
All-Time Highscore: 1,171,184

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by Reynold Goodridge.


Comments about Lightning Pool 2:

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I got #1 score of the month am I a beast or what P.S. If you are reading this go to general talk and vote on the poll on the side read the forum post 1st so you no what its aboutthekoolkid

OH WELLlook4u

Very fun game cool boards i just cant get enoughITSALLINURHEAD

good gamebobsamide

wow that was intensebobsamide

great game every 1 should try it1TRUEPSYCHO

great game fun to play give it a tryXXX_THE_FREAKSHOWXXX

I found Lightning Pool 2 challenging and fun. I obviously need some more practice in order to get a better score, but I find it addicting! Once I got the hang of the way the pool cue worked, the game became easier. I am so used to having to click and pull back on the pool cue for computer billiards games. Once I stopped doing that, the cue was easier to control and the fun factor went up a great deal! I had a few loading issues, where the table wouldn't load and I would only see a blue lightening bolt. I figured out a way to stop this though. Before clicking [PLAY] for each new game, I click on the [HOW TO] first, and then immediately click the [go back to start screen] and click Play. It hasn't failed me yet! (I hope this helps anyone having a similar issue!)Honeydipped

takes way too long to load so this can be put in the never play again basketouyenjoe

i dont get how to play, i suck, moving on nowSmokeyQuartz

45 minutes to load (dial up) and THEN it won't play (vista).DDT

Iwas looking at the comments to this game and either people liked it alot or people didn't like it at all, but I found the game a good fun game jst like real pool that's why I think people enjoyed it like myself, as for the others, I think they have never been too skilled at much of anything and the only reason they found it boring or stupid was because obviously they suck and wouldn't know a good game if it came out of the dark and bit them in the ass, lmao, there, lol!Icedra8gon

I love Lightning Pool 2 , it's great very challengingdemented.demon

ok very lame!revskid

i hate this!revskid

really fun game I can't get enough of it I think every one should give it a shotEVIL.ANGEL666

I stuggle to see how you can get 200,000 on this....thebluesamurai

Kick ass game, I lik it alot. I like it a hell of a lot:D:D:D:D Just gotta win now hahathebluesamurai


stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*hits him*cannon22

Lightning Pool 2 rulesdominicanchica

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