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 Ghost Fighter 
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Ghost Fighter

See full instructions inside Ghost Fighter arcade game.

Get ready to vaporize monsters and goblins with your trusty laser gun and become the ultimate ghost hunter.

Play Ghost Fighter Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
33,132 Plays   4.2 (13 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 40,900
All-Time Highscore: 808,050

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Ghost Fighter:

Ghost Fighter kicks @#$!!!! great in game control. so simple yet still a great challenge. just might make it in my favs!!!! (ARCADEBOSS RULES)D!RTYD@N76

i'm so bad in Ghost Fighter, but i makes fun. all kind of bubble bobble inspirated games are cool!blackadder

This game is sweet, The last boss is easier than the 2nd seriously why? lol,atleast it seemed like it was. Note: Collect extra lives, and when you die, the level starts over and you keep what you collected before you died, so if you have extra lives, die on purpose do the level over and get more points : 0EmC2Games

I Acctually Kinda Like I Just Dont Like The Fact That The Character Looks Like A 3 Year Old But They Could Make The Character Uhh...I Dont Know COOL But I Know Once Cool Thing At Least When You Turn The Enemys Into That Blue Ball When You Shoot It It Looks LIke A Rasengan Its Pretty Fun Above All Its A Good Game ;)Dfuzz1987

That game was awsomeSonicdelta

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