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See full instructions inside Zuma arcade game.

Please read the game help.

Controls: Use your mouse Click

Play Zuma Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
172,398 Plays   4.2 (42 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 132,845
All-Time Highscore: 266,579

Recent play by moreplucky.


Comments about Zuma:

I love Zuma and it is addictive but it's the bomb and I just beat my high score!!sianpudo

always one of my faves!!sianpudo

So I just beat my last highscore for the month on zuma again! This game is so addicting! :)wbyrd730

woohoo....monthly high score! I love Zuma!!! :)wbyrd730

arcade boss definitely has the best version of Zuma so far.wbyrd730

I'm new here today and have enjoyed this site so far. Zuma is so much fun and addicting. I could play all day!:)wbyrd730

just played my first game here. Love Zuma!wbyrd730


Truly a classic puzzle game! Zuma has always been one of my favorites, I remember playing this all the time back in the day. Always addicting.DissonantMuse

I Loves Zuma. I get through it all the time. I used to play it on ShockWave and Popcap. I Like it here better because there are No Advertisement Distracting you. Glad I found this site. Shagoon...gie.....imagodiss

love Zuma but level 3-4 is a pain in the butt! loldarkangel20


so addicting! very hard toodarkangel20

I like Zuma a lot. Level 3-4 gives me a hard time.ibrilman

I have always found Zuma to be pretty hard. On popcap and even the demo are hard. I always lose on the same level but have to respect a game that challenges you.Love Buzz

it's alright for a web game but don't like the way it automatically pauses between the levelscageykat

At last I can find the zuma. zuma. nice and very nicearekbos

a classic game :) i like it very much, i think i got addicted to it cant stop playing it amazingrotateh

zuma is a very fast paced exciting game that i love to play, arcade boss has the best version of the game that i've played and believe me i tried them all...locagirl

Only three lives!!kayrose

Best game ever!!!kayrose

cool, finally got monthly highscore. lets see how long i can keep it !!!madone

(Click on the TAG `zuma` and you'll find at least one other zuma-style game you may like! :-) )Eagle_Kiwi

heck ya!! I finally found my game. This is the best game i have ever played. I hope everyone else feels the same way!! yayyyyyy!!Tanicha

Zuma is really addictive, i really want to get that top monthly score.madone

fantastic game, i really enjoy playing Zumamadone

What a loooong game that was!!Ginny

zuma is a very addictive game just when u thought u were done u hit start again and again and again own the game and beat it gotta try the new one called zuma destiny so i can beat that one too lol lol whoot whoot XD haha lol love it.....!!half pint

I have to lose to win. How sad. If you don't know what I mean just send me a message. I'll explain.! Love Zuma. Very addicting.KimLeeChang

it took me all day to finally finish the game thats on boss I love it can't get enough of itGoldfairy50

Zuma Dynasty
Zuma Dynasty
Honey Trouble
Honey Trouble

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